More about me…

Although a qualified medical doctor, I gave up medicine for good to devote my whole professional life, which spans over 30 years, to experiencing, experimenting with and developing new ways and ideas in a variety of fields including education-related issues, management, and web creation. My professional record, covered in more detail in my CV, includes:

  • Director and pedagogic consultant (with a record of having established and directed several language centres including a medical English centre)
  • In-service training course designer and manager (general and medical English)
  • Teacher-training course instructor
  • Head of translation department and chief translator/editor (Persian, English)
  • Distance-learning and e-learning project manager
  • Web concept developer and designer 
  • Language teacher (General English, Medical and Scientific English, FCE, IELTS, Persian)

I am Iranian and have been living in France for several years. I am self-employed. I teach online and face-to-face, read, write, develop websites, listen to music, go for walks, and…

Over years, I have had the privilege of working at many different companies, institutes and universities, where I have met and learnt from colleagues and students alike, and have hopefully helped created a better educational and cultural environment. Here are some of them in France:

  • Asynux (a Parisian training training centre where I was in charge of the langua-learning department)
  • ILIS (Institut lillois d’ingénierie de la santé, université Lille 2)
  • FCEP (Formation Continue Education Permanente, université Lille 3)
  • FCD (Faculté de Chirurgie Dentaire, université Lille 2)
  • Institut Curie (Paris)
  • FST (Faculté des Sciences et Technologie, université Paris Est)
  • Sciences Po (Institut d’études politiques de Lille)

Although I have my hands rather full, I remain open to new challenges where I can help create something of value, where I can continue to grow and further realise my potentials, and where my work is appreciated.

You can see my CV in English or French by clicking on the links below:

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