How to use Exam Practice Tests

To prepare for an English test (such as PET, FCE, IELTS etc), you are often required to work on exam practice tests.

It’s best do such activities (listening, reading, writing) in three steps, but you first need two pens of different colours.

First Attempt:

Do the test under exam conditions.

  • Use your first pen.
  • Observe the time limit. (For Listening, start the recording at the beginning and continue to the end without stopping. For Reading and writing, do the activity within the allowed time limit.)
  • Do not use any kind of help at all. (Don’t use a dictionary, don’t consult your notes, etc)

Second Attempt:

Do the activity at your own pace with help.

  • Use your second pen (with a different colour).
  • Try to understand the activity by listening, reading, writing more carefully. There’s no time limit, you can stop and rewind the audio, you can use a dictionary, use a search engine, etc.

Evaluation and Analysis:

Score yourself and try to understand your mistakes.

  • Use the key to score both your attempts separately. Note down your score for each attempt.
  • For listening activities, study the recording script if available to understand the parts you had missed.
  • Make sure you understand “why” each of your answers was correct or incorrect. If you are not sure, note down your problems to discuss them with your teacher later.

Score both your attempts,