Pronunciation Guide

To improve your pronunciation, you need to learn three things:

  1. How to pronounce the English sounds correctly…
  2. How to observe the stress patterns
  3. And how to speak with correct intonation.

To familiarise yourself with the sounds (phonemes) of the English languageclick here to see the phonemic chart.

Note: Click on each box in the chart to hear the sounds in isolation, then move your mouse cursor over the small arrow in th.e top right-hand corner of the box to see some examples. Click on each example to hear it.

To learn and practice the sounds, use the videos below.

Note: This is a playslist. You can either click on “Play all” to watch all the videos, or you can only play the introductory video and then click on the playslist icon (youtube-playlist-icon) on the video to see the other videos in the playlist.